What AI Endurance is About

At AI Endurance, we believe in a modern way of endurance training. A more personalized, scientific approach to help athletes of all skill levels unlock new potential. We’re passionate about it, and our mission is to personalize training. We specialise in artificial intelligence and we're here to bring it to the forefront of training. We're excited to simplify training through our program and break the mold of “one size fits all” training plans.

AI Endurance was founded by Markus Rummel in 2020. A Canadian startup based out of Hamilton, Ontario set to create new artificial intelligence tools for the everyday athlete. We strive to create training plans that are responsive to individual users and easy to follow.

Half-Marathon pace prediction

A Message from the Founder

Hi, I'm Markus - the founder of AI Endurance and a passionate triathlete (2:06 Olympic distance, 4:34 Half-Ironman), runner and cyclist myself.

I'm also a particle physicist, who worked at world leading institutions such as University of Oxford. Ever since I started working with machine learning methods in my physics research, I've been wondering how to leverage these methods to come up with a more data-driven, more predictive and optimized training routine.

This is what AI Endurance is about: utilizing the great potential of machine learning and the big data we are collecting everyday in our training to address the challenge of selecting the ‘right’ training for every athlete with their very individual response to training.

Markus Rummel

Our Partners

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