Here's exactly what you'll get

  • A personalized and predictive training plan optimized for your goals.
  • Instructions on which workouts to do, on what day - directly from your device.
  • The option to reconfigure your plan any time if life gets in the way.

No guessing. Do the plan, see the predicted results.

Get started now and receive your first 14 days subscription free (afterwards $9.99/month, $99.99/year). Whether you're training for a marathon, triathlon, cycling race - AI Endurance is here to help you achieve your goals!

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Time trial Triathlete

Truly scientific, data-driven and predictive

Does your current app tell you by how much their athletes have improved? Or by how much you are going to improve?

If not it's because it either doesn't work, or they don't know and don't care for a scientific and data-driven approach. Don't waste your valuable training time with a plan that is based on someone's opinion without taking all your data into account.

We know AI Endurance works because not only have we compared it to the most recent peer-reviewed research in exercise physiology, we have shown how our AI optimized training easily outperforms even the best one-size-fits-all approach current research has to offer.

Scientific endurance training

Optimize your training plan

There are so many ways to train: short/long intervals, hard/easy workouts, long/short recovery. How do you know what is right for you?

Our AI finds the plan that enables your best performance in the time you have to train. Every workout you do is a goldmine of data; our AI uses it to predict your future performance and create a workout plan that closes the gap between your current and your optimal race performance.

AI Endurance - Optimize running performance

Simplify your training focus

Many factors, small and large, affect performance on any given day. It’s overwhelming to consider them all. What do you really need to know to train efficiently?

Our AI identifies which workouts to do, on what day. The focus is using the time you have today to achieve your goal performance, in your goal race. We also have a Maintenance plan to keep you in shape.

Simplify running training - AI Endurance

Our AI adapts with you

No matter if you follow the plan or not - every workout you do is used to calculate your optimal plan. Every day.

We let you know if the AI found a better option for your goal. Or - if you weren't able to follow the plan - when it's time to reset and start a new plan.

Adaptive running training - AI Endurance

Adapt your plan to your life

Long days at work, unexpected events, travel plans, illness: all interfere with serious training. How do you train when life gets in the way?

Our AI allows you to reconfigure your training plan at any time. Move a workout from one day to the next if you can’t train this week and the plan will adjust.

Move workouts around

Running Power

Already using running power and looking for a personalized training plan to optimize your critical running power? We got you covered! We predict your gains in your critical running power if you stick to our adaptive AI training plan.

Want to crush your next ultra? We are the only app that directly optimizes your ultra endurance power, the power at your aerobic threshold. We use the newest heart rate variability technology - DFA alpha 1 - to measure your aerobic threshold.

Simply export your running power plan to TrainingPeaks or Suunto Guides and execute your workouts directly from your watch.

Running Power

Garmin custom workouts

Execute your AI Endurance personalized training plan directly from your Garmin watch or bike computer - no more writing down workouts or remembering interval sets.

Get step-by-step instructions to make sure to hit the prescribed training zones and stay motivated during the workout.

Garmin Custom Workouts

TrainingPeaks custom workouts

Export your personalized and predictive training plan to TrainingPeaks. Connect once and AI Endurance will automatically forward any changes and adaptations in your training plan to your connected apps.

From TrainingPeaks you can export your workouts into many other apps including Apple Watch, Wahoo, Polar, Suunto and many more!

TrainingPeaks Workouts

Zwift custom workouts

Tired of the Zwift's workout library and lack of a personalized training plan? With AI Endurance you can import your entire personalized training plan into Zwift. We support Zwift Running as well.

Get step-by-step instructions to make sure to work in your optimized training zones and stay motivated during your workout.

Zwift Custom Workouts