How to get Garmin custom workouts directly on your device

How to get Garmin custom workouts directly on your device

Execute your AI Endurance personalized training plan directly from your Garmin watch or bike computer. No more writing down workouts or remembering interval sets. Get step-by-step instructions as Garmin custom workouts and a Garmin Connect training plan with only a few clicks.

Garmin custom workouts

Garmin custom workouts are step-by-step instructions that guide you through your workout. Take for example an AI Endurance - Tempo Run:

  • Warmup for 5 min.
  • Do 2 intervals of 8 min at Tempo pace (5:05 - 4:35 min/km) on 4 min recovery (>5:05 min/km).
  • Cool down for 5 min.

Once you synchronize AI Endurance with Garmin Connect, you'll get these instructions in real time via Garmin custom workouts:

  • During the warmup and cool down your watch will warn you if you are running too fast for warmup pace, in this case if you go faster than 5:05 min/km. At the end of the warmup time a countdown takes you directly into the interval part of the workout.
  • During the intervals the watch notifies you if you are hitting the right pace/power zone and warns you if you are going either too fast or too slow. It also automatically times and laps your interval duration and notifies you when the interval is (finally) over.

How to get your AI Endurance workouts on your device

We made it as simple as possible for you to enjoy Garmin custom workouts: Simply go to the Apps page and click on "Export Workouts To Device":

AI Endurance - Connected Apps

Authorize AI Endurance to export workouts to Garmin Connect:

Garmin Connect - Authorize

That's it - you're all set!

Automatic synchronization

If you move a workout to a different day, change your training zones or start a new plan you don't have to do anything. AI Endurance will forward the changes to your Garmin Connect training plan so your device is always up to date with your AI Endurance training plan. We continuously export your workouts so your next week of workouts is always up to date in Garmin Connect.

Get started today and forget about writing down or remembering your workout plan with AI Endurance's Garmin custom workouts. Start with a free-trial, no credit card information required!

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