Virtual Running Challenge North Shore 10km

Virtual Running Challenge North Shore 10km

Stay on top of your goals and support our local businesses at the same time. A virtual running challenge that comes as close to a race as possible now that social distancing is crucial in slowing down the spread of COVID-19.

During these difficult times AI Endurance wants to do what we can to support the amazing Hamilton/Burlington running community. While we understand there are more important things right now we also don’t want your hard earned fitness to go to waste. Like so many of you, we are all disappointed the upcoming races are cancelled because of COVID-19.

In order to support local businesses (many of which are struggling during this crisis), we came up with a new virtual “race” format that respects social distancing.

Join today and compete in AI Endurance’s Virtual Running Challenge North Shore 10 km! The winning prizes are a $25 gift card for the overall fastest female/male times from a local business of your choice. The top 3 of each age-group will get a free subscription to AI Endurance.

Check out our cycling virtual challenge:

The course/segment

The course is a 10km out-and-back mostly on North Shore Boulevard on the Around the Bay course, see Strava segment. The start is at the intersection of Spring Gardens Road and Parkhill Ave. The turnaround is on top of the hill at the pedestrian lights at the Burlington Golf and Country Club. Make sure you stick to the route exactly as otherwise Strava might not enter your effort into the segments leaderboard and your effort won’t count towards the ranking.

AI Endurance - Strava

The rules

Run the Strava segment as if you’re running a race. Give it your best effort! Pay attention to traffic - safety first.

Make sure you record your effort on Strava. All efforts recorded between March 21st and April 26th count towards the virtual ranking. Pick the day where you feel best. You can do multiple attempts - we’ll count your best attempt.

Important: We urge you to respect all regulations and restrictions related to COVID-19. For updates on the general situation please consult the authorities resources.

The prizes

$25 dollar gift card for male and female overall fastest time for local business of choice.

One-year free AI Endurance membership for top 3 of every age group.

Instead of high-fiving in person after the race, we’ll celebrate each other in the virtual space! #northshorechallenge #aiendurance

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