How to use Zwift custom workouts to grow your FTP

How to use Zwift custom workouts to grow your FTP

Use Zwift custom workouts to grow your FTP with a data-driven, personalized Zwift custom training plan from AI Endurance.

Zwift custom workouts

You can now execute your AI Endurance workouts as Zwift custom workouts by following these simple steps:

  • Go to Apps and click on Download Zwift Workouts.
  • Unpack the downloaded zip file. These files exactly mirror your AI Endurance workout files in your calendar.
  • Move the unpacked .zwo workout files to the workout folder \Documents\Zwift\Workouts{userid} (on both Mac and Windows), where {userid} is your Zwift user id number as the folder name.
  • Open Zwift and navigate to workouts, you can find your AI Endurance workouts under Custom Workouts.
  • Set your FTP to 200 W to workout at the correct power prescribed by AI Endurance. The 200 W is simply a reference value and is necessary as Zwift only allows to define workout intensities relative to FTP.
  • Start the workout.

In case you are updating your training plan make sure to delete all AI Endurance .zwo files from your old plan in the workout folder prior to uploading your new workouts. Don't delete the file workouts.files as it is Zwift's way of keeping track which workouts were deleted.

For more information on how to use custom workouts in Zwift, see What's on Zwift.

Zwift Custom Workouts Training Plans

That's it, now you can execute your AI Endurance rides as a Zwift custom workouts training plan.

See also our Zwift running workouts.

You can also get a taste of some our workouts under


AI Endurance is based on the observation that an optimal training routine can be very different for each individual. That's why one-size-fits all training plans often don't yield the expected results.

With AI Endurance you get truly personalized, data-driven training based on your accumulated historic power data. ⁠Our machine learning algorithm is like a 'digital twin' that represents how you respond to different training routines. This allows us to

  • Predict your FTP: if you do X your FTP will by Y based on our machine learning model for you, your very own digital twin.
  • Use your digital twin to find the optimal training plan for you.

For your optimized, personalized training plan we take into account

  • Your current fitness level
  • Your goal event and date⁠
  • Your time constraints

You can always make adjustments to your training plan when real life gets in the way.

Sign up today and get your own personalized training plan to reach your goal FTP!

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