ChatGPT in AI triathlon, running and cycling training

ChatGPT in AI triathlon, running and cycling training

We explain how AI Endurance uses ChatGPT to help guide your triathlon, running and cycling training.

What is ChatGPT

ChatGPT is an AI chatbot that is based on the generative pre-trained transformer (GPT) family of large language models (LLMs) from OpenAI. It can perform impressive tasks such as

  • answering questions
  • engaging in conversations
  • providing recommendations
  • analyzing sentiment
  • summarizing text

just to name a few. This article is written by a human, by the way.

How AI Endurance uses ChatGPT to improve your training

We embedded ChatGPT into our existing features for maximal benefit to your training routine. Our aim is to combine the strengths of our own AI models that are very specific to triathlon, running and cycling with the strengths of general LLM such as ChatGPT. Our own AI Endurance models are not language based like ChatGPT but 'number based' AI models. Combining the two approaches gives you as the user the best of both worlds:

A predictive AI to create the optimal personalized training plan and adaptations for you and an encouraging AI coach to gauge your sentiment and guide you through the numbers.

1. Analyzing your sentiment

One thing that is hard to analyze in a 'number based model' is your sentiment. Your sentiment in this context can be your general motivation to train, your mental state, or general information about your life and/or training.

During your daily check in you can inform us via the 'How do you feel about exercising today? Tell AI Coach' dialog. ChatGPT is very capable in analyzing your sentiment. We use its verdict when we make decisions if you should go ahead with your training as planned, or if it may be better to skip or modify the workout of the day.

AI Endurance check in motivation for triathlon, running, cycling

Informing us about your sentiment is particularly useful if it would otherwise be a blind spot for our recovery model. For example, a particular mental state such as 'Work is really stressful right now' may or may not show up in your recovery data. With this feature however, you can always let us know whatever it may be that might be going on at any given time.

Of course your sentiment doesn't have to be negative. You can also let us know if things are going well. The reality is we all have bad days and we want to protect you against training too much or under the wrong circumstances as much as possible.

Example statements you could submit may be

  • I'm tired.
  • I tore my back out gardening.
  • I'm really not feeling it today.
  • My kids are sick and kept me up all night.


  • So excited to crush it today!
  • I can tell I'm getting stronger and am ready for today's workout!

2. Summarizing and explaining your recovery status

There's a lot of data that flows into our personalized recovery model.

The soreness of your different muscle groups for triathlon, running and cycling:

  • Core and legs for cycling and running
  • Arms and shoulders, core and legs for triathlon
AI Endurance check in muscle and joint soreness for triathlon, cycling and running
  • heart rate variability (HRV) data via root mean square of successive differences between normal heartbeats (RMSSD)
  • resting heart rate (Resting HR) data
  • DFA alpha 1 readiness data.
AI Endurance cardiovascular recovery model

ChatGPT can give you a comprehensive summary of your recovery parameters and put these in the context of your overall triathlon, running or cycling training plan:

AI Coach check in recovery summary

3. Explaining the benefits of today's workout or rest day

ChatGPT can put the triathlon, running or cycling workout planned for the day into context and explain its benefits:

AI Coach check in benefits of planned workout

Similarly, it can explain why a rest day may be a good idea and come up with ideas for active recovery:

AI Endurance check in rest day

4. Explain why a modification of your training plan may make sense in the context of your recovery status and sentiment

This may be the most important one: explain why a training plan modification has been made. To be clear, the decision if and when a training plan adaptation is proposed is based on the numbers. ChatGPT can help put things into context and explain to you why. Ultimately, it's up to you to accept or reject these proposed modifications.

AI Endurance check in explain plan modification

AI Endurance x ChatGPT in triathlon, running and cycling

To summarize, at AI Endurance we use our custom numbers based models for triathlon, running and cycling together with a general LLM like ChatGPT for an optimal training experience. ChatGPT's impressive capabilities are already enabling features that would have been hard to imagine just a few months ago. We are just at the beginning of AI revolutionizing the triathlon, running and cycling world.

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