Get your best TrainingPeaks plan from AI Endurance

Get your best TrainingPeaks plan from AI Endurance

Get your AI Endurance best training plan into TrainingPeaks. From there, you can execute your TrainingPeaks workouts in Zwift, Apple Watch, Wahoo, Polar, Suunto and many other apps. Connect your AI Endurance account once and any changes will automatically be synced with TrainingPeaks.

Your best TrainingPeaks plan

TrainingPeaks is the leading platform for endurance athletes to follow a structured training plan. As such, it has plenty of integrations with other training apps. You can now get your personalized and predictive AI Endurance training plan directly into TrainingPeaks with just a few clicks. You require a TrainingPeaks Premium account to access your AI Endurance workouts in TrainingPeaks.

How to get your AI Endurance training plan into TrainingPeaks

First, go to your AI Endurance Apps page, go to 'Connected Apps' and click on 'TrainingPeaks - Export Workouts':

connected apps training peaks

Next, authorize AI Endurance to access your TrainingPeaks data and workouts:

trainingpeaks workouts in zwift

That's it! From now on, AI Endurance will forward your training plan automatically into TrainingPeaks.

Execute your TrainingPeaks workouts in Zwift

If you also connect your TrainingPeaks account with your Zwift account, TrainingPeaks will forward your AI Endurance workouts to Zwift. You can find today's workout in the workout folder under the TrainingPeaks dropdown:

trainingpeaks workouts in zwift

TrainingPeaks syncs with Zwift every day to export your workout of the day, find more details here. You can still export your AI Endurance training plans manually to Zwift, but syncing through TrainingPeaks makes that process easier. In particular, if your training plan is often adapted, we recommend using TrainingPeaks for a fully automatic 'click and forget' export and synchronisation of your training plan.

Execute your AI Endurance workouts in other apps and devices

TrainingPeaks connects to a whole ecosystem of apps. As a result, you can execute your AI Endurance workouts from the Apple Watch, Wahoo, Polar, Suunto and many other devices. For example, see here for a list of TrainingPeaks integrations. To export your workouts directly to Garmin Connect, you can alternatively follow these instructions.

Workout Export TrainingPeaks

Automatic synchronization

If you adapt your training plan by changing your zones, moving a workout to a different day or requesting a new training plan altogether, all changes will be automatically synced with your TrainingPeaks account. Connect once and never worry about exporting your workouts again. AI Endurance continuously exports your workouts so your next week of workouts is always up to date in TrainingPeaks.

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